Elektrotechnik, Maschinenbau und Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering

General Information
The Master course extends theoretical knowledge and practical skills in electrical and computer engineering field provided during the Bachelor study. The course organized as a specific sequences of modules offers a deep specialization in Embedded Systems – a fast growing branch of today‘s information and communication technologies. Wide range of elective modules stimulates expansion of knowledge and skills in media technology and economics .It is also focused on soft skills teaching.

Academic Goals
The aim of the course is to acquire special knowledge and engineering work methods in order to train the students to act independently in all the spheres of electrical, electronics and communication technologies. Graduates will be able to apply studied scientific approaches and gained professional knowledge to resolving diverse interdisciplinary problems. Participation of the students in R&D projects contributes to their personality development and advancement in social, economical and occupational skills. After successful finishing the course graduates are awarded with Master of Engineering academic degree.


Your course advisor

Prof. Dr. Marc Enzmann

Bernburger Straße 57
Building 13,
Room 104-0
Phone 03496 67 2335