Elektrotechnik, Maschinenbau und Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

General Information
Electrical and computer engineering is the foundation of future innovative technologies. Graduates of this course can make a career in variable industry branches and fields. Europe's high-tech market has a large number of vacancies for graduates of electrical engineering, especially for those with strong IT skills.

Academic Goals
The aim of the course is to acquire special knowledge and engineering work methods in order to train the students to act independently in all the spheres of electrical, electronics and communication technologies. The course provides a broad education in the fields of electrical and electronics engineering in combination with the methodological skills in various application areas. After successful finishing the course graduates are awarded with academic degree Bachelor of Engineering.


Your course advisor

Prof. Dr. Igor W. Merfert

Bernburger Stra├če 57
Building 01,
Room 430
Phone ++49 3496 67 2352